Piazza della Santissima Annunziata, 14, 50121 Firenze, Italia

Wet-Nurses dresses

Historical rediscovery and reproduction in canvas of the Institute nineteenth century nannies

Fondazione Ferragamo, Istituto degli Innocenti and Polimoda, on the occurrence of the new Museo degli Innocenti opening, collaborate to a project for historical rediscovery of the end of nineteenth century wet-nurses dresses.

Starting from the pictures done by Giacomo Brogi company set in the wet-nursing room, the students attending the third year in Fashion Technology have conducted an historical research in order to identify the period’s stylistic details and re-build a paper pattern the most possible faithful to the original one. The students have then carried out the reproduction of two dresses in canvas, adapting to the period’s women physicality the mannequins donated by Veroni Angiolino Snc. Finally they processed the fabric to get to the most probable original colour.

For the exhibition the “Coretto” ambience has been selected. From this space the wet-nurses used to attend the religious function which took place in the below church.