Musei da favola 2017

Programma febbraio-aprile 2017

Florence, Italy

Musei da favola 2017

Project Musei da favola is now in its fifth year of life! By popular demand resume guided tours in Italian and English for families to discover the main museums of Florence. The project is a collaboration between Divisione Scuola e Giovani del Dipartimento Educazione e Ricerca delle Gallerie degli Uffizi and Fondazione Ferragamo, with the participation of the Bargello National Museum, National Archaeological Museum and Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, and this year is enriched with the new path Fashion: a reflection of style and way of life at the Palazzo Pitti Modern Art Gallery.

Guided tours, by reservation only, are dedicated to children and teenagers from 7 to 14 years accompanied by family members (with payment of the entrance fee to the museum for older carers over 18 years; free entry to Museo Salvatore ). Bookings must be made preferably by e-mail.

For information and reservations:

Gallerie degli Uffizi
Dipartimento Educazione e Ricerca—Scuola e Giovani
(Monday/Thursday 10am-1pm) tel. + 39 (0)55 284272