Talking about Sustainable Thinking

Educational Project in collaboration with Florida State University - Florence Program

The Talking about Sustainable Thinking educational project stems from the need to find innovative and inspiring solutions to ensure interaction between cultural institutions even in a delicate historical moment such as the one we are experiencing, due to the pandemic. During the lockdown period, the collaboration between Fondazione Ferragamo, Museo Salvatore Ferragamo and Florida State University consolidated. Together we have developed a distance learning program, dedicated to American students of the Italian Language and Culture course, carried out online by Prof. Costanza Menchi.

The Museum has virtually opened its doors to students - unable to come to Italy - inviting them to critically engage the values ​​expressed by the Sustainable Thinking exhibition even from their homes in the United States.

During the online lessons, students virtually explored the exhibition and and learned about the entire project behind. Thanks to a wide range of digital material provided by Fondazione Ferragamo, they were able to explore issues connected to environmental and social sustainability and innovative solutions for the future of fashion. This new way of approaching the visit of a museum raised doubts and curiosities. Director of Museo and Fondazione Ferragamo, Stefania Ricci, was involved in the project and answered the questions of the students.

At the end of the course, the participants have been invited to present their own analyses, discussion points, and opinions in a video.

ITA1120 Italian Language and Culture Summer 2020 online course
Prof. Costanza Menchi
Students participating:
Aiden Drudi
Zoe Jones
Andrea Duca
Olivia D’Elia
Mara Valmonte